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Services & Maintenance

Custom Maintenance Services


At Maxon Mechanical, we offer custom maintenance services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Properly maintained HVAC systems cost less to operate, require fewer repairs and last longer. Contact us now to see how we can help you keep your system in good health, or read on to learn more about our services.


How can HVAC maintenance save your business money?

Breakdown Prevention​

Did you know that lack of maintenance accounts for approximately 50% of all HVAC breakdowns? It's true! Commercial HVAC systems are often more vulnerable to dirt and extremes of weather. Seasonal upkeep and preventive maintenance can help keep complex commercial heating and cooling systems running smoothly.

Energy Savings
  • Adjusting the equipment operating sequence can save you as much as 35% off your energy bill

  • Cleaning the coils – up to 15%

  • Changing air filters that are dirty – up to 15%

  • Cleaning the burner assembly – up to 15%

  • Remove scale from condenser coils – up to 30%

  • Changing air/fuel ratios – up to 15%

  • Cleaning soot from the fire side of the burner – up to 9%

  • Get rid of V-belt slippage – up to 20%

Our Northern California Service Area

Whether your business is large or small, investing in a good HVAC maintenance is just good business.
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